Occupational Therapy

Choosing An Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists (OT’s) are popularly associated with the advice they can offer to employees and employers on setting up desks, chairs and workstations to ensure people do not develop repetitive strain conditions. However, their scope of expertise is much wider than this. They also assist people who are disabled, recovering from accidents, have life limiting illnesses, learning difficulties or mental health conditions, as well as older people who have problems with their mobility.

The role of an Occupational Therapist concentrates on improving a person’s ability to function independently so they can participate in activities that are important to them. The focus of their work is on helping the person in question overcome permanent loss of or reduced physical, sensory, mental or communication function. They do this by providing practical help in modifying tasks, developing skills and choosing aids and adaptations that allow them to carry out activities, such as bathing, independently.

As accessible bathing experts, Absolute Mobility design and install easy access bathrooms for older people and disabled people. We are competent enough to specify and recommend bathroom solutions for our clients, but from time to time we do encounter people who would prefer the advice or input of a third party professional such as an Occupational Therapist.

The Occupational Therapist can help with the bathroom design and also help someone visualise how they might use a bathroom in practice. When we have worked with Occupational Therapists we often find their solutions very similar to our own.  This gives the customer the reassurance they are making the right choice.

Not all of our bathroom designs and projects require the input of an Occupational Therapist, but their service can prove valuable to those who feel additional expert opinion will help, or those with a complex disability who need the input of a highly qualified professional.

If you would like the help of an Occupational Therapist with your bathroom adaptation, or other changes around the home or in your life, we recommend that you find one in your local area.

Try   http://rcotss-ip.org.uk/find

Or    http://www.absolutemobility.co.uk/occupational-therapists/

Once you’ve got a local list to work with, look for an Occupational Therapist who has specific training or expertise in your particular area of need, eg, age group, specialism, etc.

Talk to them about your needs and ask if they have dealt with any similar cases. Can they talk through example situations they have dealt with and solutions they offered? You may well have to pay for the services of a private Occupational Therapist so be sure to discuss rates and how much time they will spend on your requirements.

Or if you are interested in upgrading your bathroom to one that is safe to use, for yourself or a loved one, please get in touch with Absolute Mobility who specialise in designing and installing easy access showers, wet rooms and walk-in baths for people with reduced mobility.

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