Bath Lifts, Bio-Bidet and Toilet Riser

Bath lifts

In addition to installing walk-in baths, easy access showers and wet rooms, Absolute Mobility can also provide bath lifts, Bio-Bidets and Toilet Risers as part of their bathroom installations or on a supply only basis for fitting by the purchaser or their own handyperson.

Bath lifts are available as belt style, battery operated lifts. The Relaxa and The Molly Bather both have a belt across the bath, powered by a motor which lowers the user to the bottom of the bath and then lifts them back up again. As long as the user can get over the wall of the bath, a bath lift may be a good solution for improving access.

From a fitting point of view, ensure the area is free of obstructions around the bath and check for any cables or pipes that may be buried in the wall. The belt style bath lifts are fixed to the wall. In view of this, a brick wall is best for fitting as it provides a solid fixing point. The bath lift can be fitted to a stud wall, but will require a fixing plate on the other side of the wall, in the room next door. If there is a stud wall, ensure access to the wall in the room next door and be aware the fixing plate will be visible.

In addition to a belt style bath lift, the Bellavita is also available. This is a freestanding bath lift which does not require fixing to the wall, and can be lifted in and out of the bath. It requires simple home assembly and weighs 10kg. The Bellavita is a sturdy plastic seat which raises up and down and the back will recline to allow the bather to lay down.

Bio-Bidet and Toilet Riser

The Bio-Bidet is a unique product that replaces the toilet seat on an existing standard toilet. The Bio-Bidet replaces the need for toilet paper as it performs a “wash and blow dry” function. A variety of settings are available from the hand held remote control for the convenience of the user.

An additional item is a Toilet Riser. Again, this product replaces the existing toilet seat on a standard toilet. It has a lifting mechanism similar to the lift and lower motion of a rise/recline chair which many elderly people are already familiar with. Support arms, with an operating control on one arm end, will fold upwards out of the way when required. If desired the Toilet Riser can be supplied without arms. Powered by a rechargeable battery, and available with extending feet to boost the clearance height, the Toilet Riser is a useful mobility aid.

See Absolute Mobility’s web site for full details of their products and services. Call 0800 29 22 110 to discuss your requirements or book an appointment to view their Henley showroom, where you can view and try out their bath lifts, Bio-Bidet and Toilet Riser.  Alternatively, if you are interested in these products along with a shower or walk-in bath installation call to arrange a home appointment with their Mobility Advisor.

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