New shower area with half height doors

An Easy To Access Shower To Replace An Impractical Bath

After we completed a new bathroom for one of our customers, her friend, Mrs T, paid her a visit and took a look. She was very impressed and decided she would like something similar as her arthritis now made stepping into the bath quite difficult. Her deteriorating eye sight also contributed towards making the bath a little more hazardous.

After seeing her friend’s new easy to use bathroom she was keen to have something similar and made an appointment with one of our Advisor’s to visit and provide a quote.

On inspection the existing bathroom consisted of a short length tub with a shower over, a standard height WC, a basin and tiled floor. The proposed works were for a higher WC, which is easier to get on and off, a level access shower tray with wall mounted seat and anti-slip flooring. This new shower design would be much easier and safer for Mrs T to use as the shower tray eliminates trip hazards, whilst the seat providers a safer base on which to shower. The anti-slip flooring will provide reassurance and safety as it reduces the chance of slipping and falling.

Old tub style bath with grab rails

Our design also included half height doors, which are suitable for carer assistance, should it be needed in the future. This is a common consideration where a person’s mobility is progressively reducing. The half height doors also provide a more open showering space than traditional full height doors or cubicles, leading to a feeling of unobstructed showering when used.

New shower area with half height doors

The doors included an upright support pole to grasp on entering and exiting the shower along with grab rails within the shower area. We favoured white plastic grooved rails to replace the existing chrome finished ones. The new grooved grab rails are much better suited to a bathroom environment as the grooved texture makes them easier to grasp. The old chrome ones, though popular for their cosmetic appearance, often discolour with time and offer little grip as they are slippery to hold.

easy access shower with thermostatic controls

To prevent the possibility of scalding when showering, we installed a thermostatically controlled electric shower which keeps the temperature at 40 degrees. This we mounted on the left hand side so it can easily be operated from a seating position.

excavation into wall for wall mounted shower seat

Our photos illustrate the bathroom before, during and after. Note the excavation into the wall for reinforcing the wall mounted shower seat and the electric cable ready to receive the electric shower.

If you find your bathtub is becoming difficult to use and would like an easy to access shower, please get in touch with Absolute Mobility for help. You may send us a message or call us on 0800 2922 110 to speak to one of our friendly advisors.

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