Accessible Bathroom Options

If you are looking at adapting your bathroom to be accessible and safer for you to use, you may be stuck between the many options out there for disabled bathrooms. There is a huge variety of accessible bathroom products you can choose from, but which is right for you? 

Firstly, you should consider your needs. You may not require a complete bathroom makeover, but a few simple changes and additions could help create a safer space for you. 

If you are able to use your bathroom as it is but feel a few extra touches would minimise the risk of accidents, there are some simple additions you could invest in that don’t require a lot of work.

Adding folding seats to your existing shower may assist those who find it difficult to stand for long periods of time, need light assistance with showering or who simply are more comfortable sitting down than standing up. 

Another small change you can make is adding handrails, which can make getting in and out of bathtubs and using the toilet easier as they provide stability when manoeuvring yourself between lying down, sitting and standing. 

If your bathroom is not adequate for your needs, you may want to consider investing in entirely new products. There are a variety of bathtubs, showers and toilets at your disposal to create the perfect, safe bathroom fit for your needs.

Accessible showers come in many forms and there are suitable options for most people. 

Step-in showers are a good option for those who wish to replace a bathtub, which may be hard to use for the less mobile and have a shower tray which is easily installed on your existing bathroom floor, making it simple and easy to fit. 

Low-level showers are similar to the above but have a significantly lower shower tray, making it easier to get in and out for those who may have reduced mobility or require the use of a wheelchair as ramps can be added for additional accessibility. 

If you are unable to step into the shower, you may wish to consider a level-access shower that sits flush with the existing floor level, so there is no step up. This makes them perfect for wheelchair users as they require no additional apparatus to access. 

Another option would be disabled wetrooms, which allow for easy access to all areas as the open-plan design eliminates the need for separate areas, instead turning the entire bathroom into one easily accessible and usable space. 

If a shower is not a good fit for you, you may wish to consider an accessible bathtub. 

There are several kinds of accessible bathtubs. Walk-in bathtubs are popular as they remove the need for climbing in and out of a bath. 

You can choose from tub-style walk-in baths that allow you to sit in the bath without lowering yourself, making getting in and out far safer for those who are less mobile. 

Full-length walk-in tubs give you the option to lie in the bath as you would a normal bathtub, but still have the walk-in option making the tub easier to access.

You may also decide on a walk-in shower bath, which combines both a shower and a bathtub giving you flexibility and choice.

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