new walk in shower with level access

A Wet Room Style Shower

Mrs U was a previous customer having used our services about four years ago to have a walk-in bath fitted. She recently got back in touch with Absolute Mobility for help with her shower cubicle which had a very high step.

Having had the opportunity to use someone else’s wet room, Mrs U decided she liked the easy access attributes a wet room has to offer.  She decided to convert her existing shower cubicle into a similar wet room and gave us a call.

A through assessment identified a few problems

First, we visited Mrs U to take another look at her bathroom and assess what work was required. During our appointment we could see that the area we were working with was tight for space, as the new wet floor area had to fit within the existing footprint of the shower.

As access would need to be step free, with a slight gradient heading to the waste to aid drainage, we also identified a risk of water escaping into the rest of the bathroom given the small footprint of the shower area.

Solutions that met with client approval

To prevent the water escaping from the cubicle area, we recommended high shower screens to ensure the water stays contained within the shower space. This meant that knee room and general space within the showering area was a little on the small side. But as Mrs U is of small build she found our proposed design acceptable.

Our proposed design also included replacing the existing floor with an anti-slip vinyl floor to cover the whole bathroom floor.

There was also a possibility that the waste may need a pump to aid with drainage. However, during the installation our fitter established he could achieve a gravity waste.  This avoided the additional cost of installing a pump. Sometimes, as in this case, the requirement for a pump cannot be established for certain until the work is underway.

A smart new level access shower

The result, as you can see in the picture below, is a shower with a level floor and no step to impede access.  We also added a grab rail for assistance when standing and sitting on the wooden shower seat. The type of shower seat shown here is a popular one with our customers as it has a very good aesthetic appearance, can fold away when not in use and is waterproof.

old shower with high step
new walk in shower with level access

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