5 Tips To Create A Safer Home For Seniors

As people grow older, they have to exercise a little more caution when moving around. To help reduce the risk of injury, it is advised to create a safer environment around the home and identify and remove any hazards.

Not everyone will want or need to go into residential care when they get older, and after the problems many people have had trying to visit their elderly loved ones over the past year, it might be preferable to care for them at home or enable them to age in place in their own homes.

We share five tips on improving the safety of any senior’s living space, whether at home with you or on their own.


Reduce Potential Tripping Hazards

The first place to start is to assess the home for anything that could be a tripping hazard, from coffee tables, cables and cords, and anything that comes up to the shins and should be moved out of the way, or made secure. Non-slip flooring is an excellent investment, especially for areas that could get wet, such as the kitchen or bathroom.


Improve Lighting Conditions

Everyone’s eyesight declines as they age, and adding extra lighting to the living space will help the elderly navigate properly. You may want to consider easily accessible lights and switches, and line hallways and rooms with some nightlights to help them find their way in the evenings. Motion detecting lights can reduce the need for trying to find light switches in the dark.


Add Safety Features to Bathrooms

Mobility is a big concern for the elderly. Most are not going to have the same level of balance as they did when they were younger. To help make things easier for them, consider installing grab bars, adding a bath mat in the tub, getting a bathing chair, bathtubs for the elderly, and other such things.

These measures are helpful to keep your elderly loved ones safe. Some of these tips may sound unnecessary at first, but you cannot skip out when it comes to safety.


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