5 Consideration Before Installing A Mobility Bathroom

Mobility bathrooms can be associated with dreary hospital bathrooms and not something that would look good in the home. However, modern mobility bathrooms are chic and make use of the latest interior design trends, and not only look great but provide a sense of independence for those who need them most.

Mobility bathrooms are not solely for those with severe disabilities or wheelchair users. They can be a boon to anyone who wishes to age in place and has found they have less mobility as they grow older, as noted by TV presenter Eamonn Holmes, who told The Metro about his own mobility issues.

But before you install a mobility bathroom, here are five considerations.


1. Who is going to supply and fit your bathroom?

With the safety of yourself or a family member at stake, you must select a reputable company for installation. Make sure you research your chosen mobility bathroom fitters, check references, and look for reviews.


2. What type of bathroom design do you need?

While it may be largely dependent on the needs of the person who has mobility issues, you will want to decide whether you want a completely new bathroom or wet room, or simply add mobility bathroom aids to your current set-up. For example, if they use a wheelchair, then you need to ensure there is room to move about freely.


3. What fixtures and fittings do you need?

What specific fixtures and fittings do you need to make your relatives life easier. This may include a shower that allows for wheelchair access, handrails for additional support, or a toilet seat that can be lowered for ease of use. 


4. How can you make the space safer?

As well as investing in non-slip flooring, you may want to consider adding an emergency cord so that if your relative does fall over, they can quickly and easily alert others to what has happened. 


5. What style of bathroom do you want?

Whether the space in question is just for one person or it will be used by the whole family, just because you are creating a mobility bathroom, that doesnt mean that it needs to look like a hospital one. You can find lots of stunning mobility bathroom ranges that offer both safety and style. 


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