The best of both worlds with a walk in shower bath

Calypso Walk In ShowerWalk-in shower baths are also known as p-shape baths or p-shape shower baths. As suggested, they are in the shape of a letter “p” with a larger area in the loop of the p which can be used for showering. Of course, the rest of the bath can be used as a regular bath, giving you the best of both worlds: a bath and a shower in one.

When you add the easy access door, a standard feature of a walk-in bath, you’ve got a great all in one mobility bathing solution. These p-shape walk-in baths are quite often favoured by families where one or more persons require an easy access bath/shower and the rest of the family favour a bath or shower.

Optional extras for assisted bathing

Paragon Lift Walk In Shower BathIf one of the users requires assistance getting up and down in the bath, some p-shape models come with an optional power assisted seat to provide assistance getting up and down in the bath. This further feature of the p-shape bath range extends their usability and attractiveness to people wishing to create a mobility bathroom which is also useful for other family members.

To add a touch of luxury to this versatile bathing solution, an air spa can be added for a relaxing bathing experience.

Professional installation

Installing one of these baths is similar to a regular bath. They are slightly larger at the p end, so the bathroom will need the space to accommodate the bath. Provided the bath will fit, the shower can be fed either by simple bath shower mixer taps, the type with a shower hose coming off them, or by a dedicated shower unit fitted to the wall, which opens up a range of shower unit options.

Of course, the fact it is a walk-in bath will always mean fitting is not as straightforward as a standard bath. A specialist, with experience fitting these baths should be engaged, to ensure there are not any faults or issues arising as time passes.

Absolute Mobility has many years experience fitting walk-in baths, including walk-in shower baths. Their fitting services are in demand and highly rated on If you are serious about having a p-shape walk-in bath in your bathroom, why not get in touch with Absolute Mobility and discuss your requirements.

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