Do You Know How Your Parents Cope In The Bathroom?

Do You Know How Your Parents Cope In The Bathroom?

Everyone ages. Everyone gets old. With the onset of old age our parents can become less mobile. It can have such a gradual advance that we do not notice it creeping up on our parents. Then again, if we have not seen them for some time, the way things have changed for them may come as a surprise to us.

Our Parents

Our parents may find regular tasks around the home more difficult and, sometimes, impossible.  A frequent problem, which our parents can be very reluctant to talk about, is how they cope in the bathroom. Many elderly people experience difficulty getting into and out of the bath or a shower with a high step. More often than not, many have become stuck and required assistance to get out of the bath or shower. And this is when their children find out about it. Surprise and shock are understandable reactions.

Many of our parents may be too proud and determined to admit they need help with their bathroom routine. This situation may be prolonged unnecessarily if they are unaware of products that can improve their ability to bathe independently. Having a brave and honest discussion is the order of the day, and once all concerned are agreed, it is time to do something.

Once a decision is made to help improve our parents situation, it is time to act. The  internet is often the first port of call, where you will quickly discover many firms offering solutions for the bathroom. Some are simple and cheap, but may not be up to the job. The basic problem is getting in and out of the bath and getting up and down. To overcome this a solution needs to be fit for purpose. A bath with a door, or walk-in bath as they are known, overcomes entering and exiting the bath. Add a lifting seat to a walk-in bath and getting up and down is solved. In cases where mobility is greatly impaired, or Parkinson’s or  Alzheimer’s is present, a level access shower, with no step to impede access is a much better solution.

The choice available can be overwhelming and one may feel unsure of where to begin. Many big firms in the walk-in bath and easy access shower market advertise in national newspapers at huge expense, which has to be paid for somehow, and just want to get a salesperson through the door with very little prior conversation. If you have had this experience, you likely will be looking for a good, reliable firm that can offer advice and guidance on suitability of their products and pricing without any commitment from yourself. An opportunity to try before you buy would also be ideal.

How Can We Help?

Absolute Mobility are happy to give general advice and guide pricing over the phone about their products. To assess suitability of the product for the end user will require a home appointment at which the bathroom can be surveyed and a quote given for the proposed works. Absolute Mobility are unusual in this market sector in that they are members of Their workmanship is rated and reviewed and anyone interested is free to inspect their feedback, which is excellent. They can professionally install bath lifts, walk-in baths, easy access/level access showers and wet rooms. They offer a no obligation assessment, design and quote. There is also a chance to try out examples of the baths at their showroom in  Henley on Thames or on the mobile showroom that can come to your parents. If you are sure your parents require their bathroom to be adapted and would like to know how this can be achieved with your parents needs in minds, get in touch with Absolute Mobility today on 0800 29 22 110.

See Absolute Mobility’s web site for full details of their products and services and get in touch on 0800 29 22 110 to discuss your requirements or book an appointment with their Mobility Advisor, who can bring an example of a walk-in bath to you on a mobile showroom. Alternatively, if you are local to their Henley on Thames showroom, you can call to arrange an appointment to view and try out examples of their baths.

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